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The EDGE Customized Business Optimization Strategy

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It Starts With The Business Optimization Strategy

The reality and challenge for many business owners is that they find themselves sucked into the day-to-day operations of their business and they start feeling overwhelmed and trapped.

That dream of freedom remains elusive because …

Those things not only rob you of your time freedom, but they also decrease your profitability, reduce your company’s value and ultimately, make it less attractive for potential buyers.And you always want to be basing your business decisions with the idea that you are going to sell it someday.
With these challenges in mind, I’m delighted to introduce…

The EDGE Business Optimization Strategy

This approach combines the proven analytical power of The Value Builder System™ with my own specialized optimization methods, refined over years of successful practice.

This proven combination is designed to increase your business’s profits and overall performance.

As a Certified Value Builder™ Advisor and business strategy consultant, I’m here to help you unlock your business’s true potential.

By using the unique Value Builder Score™, we can pinpoint the key areas that may be holding back your business growth.

This score analyses eight key drivers that determine your company's performance, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of what's working and what needs improvement.

Financial Performance Bar Graph

Financial Performance

Growth Potential - Value Builder

Growth Potential

The Switzerland Model Icon - Value Builder System

The Switzerland Structure

The Valuation Teeter-Totter

The Valuation Teeter-Totter

Recurring Revenue - Value Builder System

Recurring Revenue

Monopoly Control - Value Builder Sytem

Monopoly Control

Customer Score - Value Builder System

The Customer Score

Hub and Spoke - Value Builder System

Hub & Spoke

From that analysis and other data I will gather about your business, I’ll create a customized plan specifically designed for your business. This plan will not only increase your profits but also improve your overall efficiency, thereby increasing your company’s value.

That's what I call The Optimization Strategy - a simple yet powerful tool to transform your business.

The Results Of Implementing A Personalized Business Optimization Program In Your Business

Make More Money

Higher sales don’t always convert into more cash in the bank.

Your value proposition will be so clear and targeted to your niches you’ll be able to charge premium prices and achieve higher margins. You’ll have a better understanding your profit and cash levers and use that information to reduce your operating cash cycle.

Ultimately, The EDGE Business Optimization Program will help you will increase profits faster and put more money in the bank

Gain More time

For many owners, their business consumes a huge amount of their time, and they end up sacrificing their health, family, or lifestyle to protect their business.

Perhaps one of the most valuable personal benefits of the program is that it gives you back the one thing money can’t buy – Time.

My customized business operations program will help you get the freedom to go to the office every day or spend time away for weeks or even months and still know what is going on in the business.

Uncover Whats Holding Your Business Back

Doctors check your blood pressure because it is one of the simplest ways to discover heart disease without an invasive and risky procedure.

Likewise, we will evaluate your business as it stands today and then I will give you proven step-by-step tools to increase your company’s worth, while increasing your current profits and building a more sustainable business.

Discover Your Company's Hidden Assets

Your company has attributes that you may not have fully tapped into yet. Attributes that will increase your bottom-line and give you a competitive advantage.

Using our methodology for evaluating a business, you will discover which areas of your business you should focus on in the short term to get the ultimate long-term results.

Take Control of Your Future

The ultimate test of a business’s success can be found in a simple question: Would someone want to buy your company? And if so, why?

Nearly 80% of businesses listed for sale fail to find a buyer. Approximately 70% of businesses fail when the make the transition to the second generation. Not great odds of success.

By implementing my customized business optimization program into your business, you will not only be increasing the profitability and performance of your business today, you’ll also be building value…a business that is built to sell.

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Ready To Grow Your Business And Get Your Life Back?

I’m here to help. Together, we will explore and implement a variety of strategies to optimize your business.

We’ll focus on:

If you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed and are ready to take your business and personal life to the next level, your time is now.

Reach out today, and let’s work together to unleash your business’s full potential.

Don’t just dream about the future – let’s start creating it today!

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